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One of the main things that sets us apart is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your’e own home, WE COME TO YOU!  Our mobile service is provided  with a team in fully equipped vehicles that can provide any of our massage services!

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Are you plagued with chronic pain that has been difficult to resolve?

  • Have you plateaued in your performance/workout

    Can you move as freely as you used to?

    Are you getting a good night’s sleep?
  • Are you being held back by old injuries?

    Having a difficult time committing to a new workout routine?

    Bad posture causing headaches and fatigue?
Specialized Techniques-Personalized Recovery.

We are not your typical massage therapists, we have years of training and experience working with pro-athletes and weekend warriors. 

We use a variety of methods and techniques such as MAT™, Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Kinesio Taping, and more, to attend to all your body needs for a full recovery and outstanding experience.

We Come to You

Our therapists are fully equipped to serve you anywhere.

Between training or your lunch break, it is a priority that you will reach the maximum potential of your recovery, so we work around your schedule.

We Are Results Driven

And we take pride in that. Our goal is to have you win! 

Not matter if you have fitness goals, or if you are just indulging, we want to leave you in a better condition, every single time. We will track your progress to make sure your treatment is always optimized to support your needs.


TPS Massage is an enthusiastic and dedicated team of licensed massage specialists who come to you!

We help those who seek a healthier recovery: Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, or stay-at-home moms.

Our specialists will take the time to understand your body, what physical stressors need to be alleviated, where a range of motion can be improved, and what future injuries can be prevented to personalize your massage for optimal recovery and notable results.

Our goal is to provide functional habilitation with an emphasis on massage therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques®, Kinesio Taping, Cupping, and more, to expedite the body’s recovery time.

We strive to push beyond the foundations of massage therapy to help you achieve maximum recovery and prepare you for activity.

At TPS, we bridge the gap between traditional massage therapy and sports performance enhancement. 

Would you like to see your performance improve? Schedule an appointment with us today.


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    Schedule an appointment today

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    We come to you for personalized treatment

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    Feel better and enhance your performance


Our founder Erica works closely with athletes, supporting their body needs to achieve their fitness goals. Licensed massage therapist in Florida since 2001. After working in 5-star resorts, spas, and fitness facilities, she found her true passion is to join athletes on the journey to elevate performance. She went on to acquire additional knowledge and certifications, to offer her clientele a complete recovery experience to support their fitness journey. Her goal to help each person create a more efficient movement to increase endurance, prevent injury and elevate performance through a variety of services including sports massage, Muscle Activation®, and more.


What our customers are saying…


Thank you for an exceptional experience Erica!! You have wonderful hands and clearly a passion for what you do. You seem to have a great intuitive understanding of the body, I felt like you knew exactly where to apply the exact amount of pressure. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a deep, focused and totally relaxing massage. I feel that you have made big different on how I feel and you left in a much better condition! Thank you! Gal Z.


Wow! This was a real deep tissue massage! For so long I’ve been searching for a therapist who has strong hands and actually helps to relive the tension and knots I have in my shoulders and neck. Monique Z.

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