Have you wondered if there was a way to speed up muscle recovery and avoid days of sore, stiff muscles? Moving is your body’s way to get through the stages of recovery more quickly. This is typically referred to as active recovery. The following discusses the stages of recovery…

Stage 1: Nutrient Distribution

This is when oxygen and nutrients are sent to the damaged area to help repair it. This happens when skeletal muscles are activated and they send a message to the smooth muscles that are surrounding the blood vessels and tell them to relax. Then those blood vessels expand and increase circulation. This increases the number of nutrients that are able to be sent to the tissue.

Stage 2: Removal of Waste From the Muscles

If waste isn’t removed, it results in swelling and damage. The waste is removed by the lymphatic system. When a muscle contracts, the lymphatic vessels are squeezed thus moving the waste away and making room for the nutrients to be distributed in.

Stage 3: Tissue Regeneration

The proteins that cause tissue to be regenerated are called myokines. These myokines are produced when muscles become activated.

Stage 4: Remodeling of the Repaired Tissue

This is when new tissue is formed and creates new muscle fibers which realign and slide past each other easily. Movement allows muscle that has been repaired to remodel. If remodeling does not occur the tissue leads to movement that is not functional.

Movement and Recovery Massage is the Best Way to Get Through the 4 Stages of Recovery Naturally

All movement will affect recovery but just normal day-to-day moving around will have little effect. When you have been training hard make sure to add movement to help quickly get past the sore stiff muscles phase. This helps you to continue training hard while avoiding overtraining. When incorporating active recovery, it is important to not let it turn into another workout and exhaust muscles that are already tired. This active recovery can also stress our joints and tendons and burn through resources needed to repair muscles.

TPS Recovery Massages

Recovery massages are designed to reduce downtime post-workout and performance, while also decreasing fatigue, preventing injury, and reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The pressure used may vary between lighter for drainage and deeper to release muscle tension.
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