Did you know that active recovery can be far more effective than complete rest? More than likely after an intense workout you will want to completely relax as soon as you are done. However, active recovery is often considered more beneficial than inactivity, resting completely, or sitting. It can keep blood flowing and help muscles recover and rebuild from intense physical activity. Active recovery such as a massage or light physical activity can be more productive than complete rest for a number of reasons.

It Keeps The Blood Flowing

Active recovery includes cool downs and light exercise between intense training sessions. It increases blood flow to your muscles, which reduces inflammation, soreness, and builds back muscle. Some examples include an easy walk, hike, or swim, gentle yoga, or stretching.

Active Recovery Can Reduce Soreness

You may find your muscles are sore the day after a workout if you took complete rest. Reduce muscle soreness as high-intensity workouts can cause temporary muscle damage, inflammation, and pain. But recovery techniques, including active recovery, may reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness and help your body adapt more easily to intense exercise.

Active Recover Will Help Your Exercise Technique

Proper form when doing anything physical is important, but it is especially important when working out or training. Not only can proper form lower your risk of injury, but it also allows you to move efficiently, increase your performance, and enables you to have a full range of motion. As you do active recovery, not focusing on anything intense gives you the opportunity to be aware of your technique and focus on getting back to the basics. By doing an active recovery you can take the time to evaluate your technique.

A Healthy Fitness Routine Isn’t Just About Training

A healthy fitness routine is also about strategic recovery. You will want to focus on active recovery, which involves low-intensity exercise.  Active recovery allows you to replenish tired muscles following an intense workout.  This will put you in control of your body, ensuring that you can perform at your best, and also helps prevent injury.

As the wellness trend continues to make an impact on traditional health clubs, many consumers are finding the terms “mindfulness” and “self-care” as part of their everyday vocabulary. It’s in this category that the concept of active recovery has begun to trend in mainstream health and fitness topics.  Part of the increase in interest in active recovery is simply because many gym-goers are training harder. The modalities of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), functional training (FT), and heart-zone training can offer great results, but they place enormous stress on the body’s musculoskeletal and adrenal systems. This has increased awareness of the body’s need to recover before jumping into the next workout. Active recovery has the potential to be a perfect complement to your HIIT and FT group training, but also as a wellness stress-relief service.

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